Here we go again: retailers putting information out there that gets us all thinking. The latest culprit is Best Buy, who has either guessed and made a mistake, or listed a semi-realistic release date that would surprise the gaming community. We're not sure which it is at this point, but hey, it's interesting nonetheless.

Up until today, Killzone 2 had a release date of "TBA 2008" or, if you wanted to stretch, "Spring 2008." That's about as close as Guerilla has come to nailing down an actual date, but Best Buy has other ideas: they are now listing the massively anticipated FPS with a December 31, 2007 release date, which is bound to get people talking. Earlier this year, it appeared there was a chance this title would show up in time for the holidays, but it was quickly given a 2008 release when the rumors got a little out of control.

Now, we all know what "placeholder dates" are for retailers. Basically, they make a very vague estimate so as to allow the consumer to pre-order the game. However, does Best Buy even do pre-orders? And a better question: if they wanted to give a "placeholder date" and 2007 was unrealistic, why even bother? Well, perhaps one of the parties involved in this story will clarify the situation this week.

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