Generally, one of the best places to find new – and accurate – information is video game retailers like GameStop. The reason for that is simple: publishers and developers typically only divulge important information to retailers once it's clarified and confirmed. This is why we're a little concerned about a recent GameStop flyer for Half-Life 2: The Orange Box posted over at onAXIS blog. You can see the image here, and all you PS3 owners will know why we're concerned if you take a gander…see anything missing?

We've known how many delays the PS3 version of this game has suffered in the past, and Valve has never really explained the reasons for these delays. Here, both the PC and Xbox 360 versions have an October 9 release date – which we've known for a while – but there's absolutely no mention of a PS3 release date. Heck, there's no mention of a PS3 version of the game, period. The latest official release date we have for The Orange Box on PS3 is December 11, so shouldn't that be reflected in an advertising retail flyer?

Valve's only words on the issue have been pretty simple-

“We weren’t going to hold up PC and 360 for PS3, so this will be released about two or three weeks later.”

That's all well and good, but when we see something like this flyer, we have to worry. Does GameStop know something we don't? Or has Valve delayed the game yet again and refused to issue even an estimated release date to the retailer? We'd like to have some clarification for the December 11 date, that's for darn sure.

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