By now, everybody knows about the new 40GB PS3 for Europe. We know what it will cost, we know it will have limited backwards compatibility, and we know it will have two fewer USB slots. Basically, it's exactly what Sony described it as: an "entry level" PlayStation 3.

However, all the PS3 models have something in common: they're all black. We've been hoping to hear more about designer colors in the future, and now, it seems Sony might be taking advantage of this new PS3 model launch to unveil a new color. According to European gaming site, PSNow!, SCEE has confirmed the new 40GB model will feature a matt finish rather than the dark glossy one we've seen on the 20, 60, and 80GB units. No, it's not the finish that's significant; it's the color- supposedly, it will come in Satin Silver.

"Yes, the finish on the 40GB model is a satin silver whereas the 60GB has a shiny finish."

This could just be another misquote of a SCEE representative – it has happened before – but on the other hand, it does make a lot of sense. In fact, all early photos, of both the console and controller, were silver. So would a new PS3 model showing up in silver really be that big of a surprise? Nah. Let's hope SCEE clarifies this on Monday, and let's also hope this 40GB model – silver finish and all – will arrive in North America. We want it, too!

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