At one point – and it seems like a looooong time ago now – Final Fantasy XIII actually had a "TBA 2007" release date. However, due to some unexplained problems, Square-Enix has been forced to keep pushing this game into the distant future. The latest reports hinted at the possibility we might not even see it in 2008, and the veteran RPG publisher has never really talked about an actual release date.

However, is ready to party. They want all you die-hard FF fanatics to pre-order the game now: their listing says we can expect Final Fantasy XIII to arrive on November 30, 2008. Obviously, it's nothing more than a placeholder date for pre-orders, but perhaps Amazon knows something we don't…it does make sense for Square-Enix to target the holiday season (regardless of which year we're talking about), and it does hold in line with recent news and updates. However, as all those updates have been incredibly vague, we can't imagine November 30 of next year is the official date.

Even so, you've now got well over a year to place your pre-order with, which means it might even break Halo 3 's record of 1.5 million total pre-orders! Well, maybe not. But it should rack up some big numbers, and we do hope this prompts Square-Enix to deliver more Final Fantasy XIII -related news.

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