At this point, absolutely anything Metal Gear Solid 4 -related is big news. And it's even bigger if it means we might be getting that English demo we've heard so much about, which has been the subject of much debate over the past month. The most popular question is, of course, "when?"

Well, if you listen to the 60th Kojima Productions Report podcast , you'll hear Ryan Payton talk about some news, a recent conversation he had with John Ricciardi and Mark MacDonald, and just how big MGS4 was at TGS 2007. But in addition, he also makes one passing comment that might almost be considered trivial: he says we can expect a "new announcement next week." Hey, a "new announcement" could be anything, but we're hoping it has something to do with the official unveiling of a PlayStation Store MGS4 demo for North America.

We know they've been working on such a demo, and we figured we'd see it before the holidays. But neither Kojima Productions or Konami have gone so far as to issue a release date for this hotly anticipated demo, so maybe next week is the time. We'll follow along closely and see what comes of it…cross your fingers, Snake fans!

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