Well, the 40GB PS3 model is confirmed – for Europe, anyway – but could there be yet another model on the horizon? ComNetSlash seems to think so.

According to one of their "reliable insiders," they have evidence that Sony is gearing up to introduce a super-big 160GB PlayStation 3, which is only "confirmed" for a Japanese release at this time. The leaked information is as follows:

Sony PlayStation 3 Code: CECHG06 (SPECIFICATION)

Supposedly, this PS3-on-steroids will hit some time "after November" in Japan, with no word on whether or not this model will arrive in other territories. But we get this feeling that, even if it is true, it won't include the graphics synthesizer chip we find only in the original 60GB model. It allows for full backwards compatibility through PS1 and PS2 titles, and it seems more and more obvious that Sony considered that a mistake (perhaps it cost too much), because none of the new models – confirmed or otherwise – have included that chip.

Well, either way, it certainly trumps the competition in terms of hard drive size. We'll keep an eye on this rumor and see what happens…perhaps it'll be part of Sony's "Big Bang" conference on October 12.

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