With all this new technology, it seems more and more developers are catering to the gamer; even allowing the player to become a small part of the actual development process. Look at Epic Games' recent Map-Naming competition, where fans viewed some screenshots of an unnamed map and offered up ideas to the company. And SCEA's latest "Create a Folk" contest was similar.

However, this one required more of a hands-on approach, and a significant amount of skill in the artistic realm. SCEA asked the gaming community to conceive of and design a brand new folk for their spooky action/adventure title, Folklore . Anybody who has played the game knows there are dozens upon dozens of "Folk" in the Netherworld, and SCEA wanted one more…from us. So everyone stepped up and delivered their ideas, and the winner has been chosen.

Say hello to Quasarilli, the winning Folk submitted by contestant Lisa. She'll be getting a limited edition art book and – of course – a free copy of the game, which makes perfect sense, considering she's now officially part of the design crew. It's a bizarre-lookin' thing, to be sure, but that's probably why it won…it fits in perfectly with the rest of the bizarre Folk in Folklore . Quasarilli will soon be available in an upcoming download from the PlayStation Store. Congratulations to the winner, and let's hope we see more direct fan interaction from developers in the future!

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