Capcom's initial response to the PS3 has been lukewarm at best, but they've announced that they'll be focusing more heavily on the next-gen platform in 2008. Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto revealed the news that they're finally getting away from PS2 development and looking at the PS3, which comes as good news. After all, Capcom has been siding heavily with Microsoft this generation, as they've already produced exclusive titles like Dead Rising and Lost Planet for the Xbox 360.

But now the publisher is seeking to expand its horizons and embrace the PS3, although that doesn't mean we'll now see PS3 exclusives. Tsujimoto said they're looking towards creating multiplatform titles (for both the PS3 and 360) so as to "maximize profits," and we've already seen such evidence with the likes of Devil May Cry 4 . Perhaps none of this comes as a surprise – how much longer could they support the PS2, anyway? – but it does seem strange that Capcom didn't talk about the Wii in their multiplatform plans. No mention at all, as far as we can see. But that probably means they'll create an exclusive title or two for Nintendo's console; something like Zack & Wiki .

In the end, this is definitely positive news for PS3 owners, who have been hoping to see Capcom's support for nearly a year now. It also bodes well for Resident Evil 5 , as it now seems likely it will arrive for both the PS3 and 360.

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