One of the most surprising games to pop up at the Tokyo Game Show was the fun little miniature-sized racer for the PS3, Toy Home . Several sources report having a blast with it on the show floor, but the details weren't too available at the time. Perhaps this was due to the fact the developer behind this intriguing title had not yet been revealed.

Well, we now know who is beyond Toy Home : it's Game Republic, formed by ex-Capcom producer Yoshiki Okamoto. Their most recent credit is Folklore , which has already begun garnering fantastic critical acclaim. Okamoto spoke to Famitsu about Toy Home , and we've learned it will be released in Japan "exclusively as a download title." The game supports Sixaxis steering and the new rumble feature in the Dual Shock 3, but at least it will also support standard control (unlike Lair ), so just about everyone should give it a try.

However, "just about everyone" is currently limited to Japan, as Game Republic has not revealed whether or not the game will make it to the US and Europe. We do believe it will happen, though, so be patient. If you don't feel like being patient, and you just so happen to have a Japanese PlayStation Store account…well, you know what to do.

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