Sony, the cat is just about out of the bag. Its front legs and head is free, and its wriggling and writhing…the cat will be running in circles around the bag before long, so why not just announce this and be done with it?

Kotaku is now reporting that "multiple sources," including retailers like EB Games, are confirming the existence of a 40GB PS3 model, which is on its way to Australia and will arrive on October 11. The price tag is set for AUD$699, but we don't have any information as to whether or not it's that "Spider-Man 3" bundle we've been hearing so much about. Obviously, when trying to confirm – again – with Sony, Sony – again – would only reply this way-

"We don't provide comment in relation to rumours or speculation such as this."

Blah, blah, blah . Granted, we couldn't get any GameStop around here to confirm the console, but we did get close. One employee said, "Um…we've heard customers talk about it, but officially, the news is we don't have any confirmation of a new PS3 model." Yeah. "Officially." If this is the gigantic announcement Sony has planned for their Big Bang conference on October 12, it's not gonna be such a "big bang." And besides, isn't that a day late if this 40GB PS3 is hitting Australia on October 11…? Well, whatever. It seems we still have to wait for the "official" announcement from Sony.

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