When it comes to music games, the more songs we have available to us, the better. Therefore, it's always good news to hear about additional tracks for the likes of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock , and RedOctane has announced the latest updated list for this hotly anticipated rhythm-based title.

There are already plenty of tracks for this game, but clearly, it's not enough. It almost seems like they'll be adding songs right up until the launch, which is just fine by us. Check out the new additions:

If you're a rock fan and can't find anything here you like, then…well, you're not a rock fan. This list of new additions ups the total song number from a perfectly acceptable 42 to a staggering 59, so Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock will indeed be the biggest – and hopefully, baddest – GH ever. You'll have plenty of variety and face plenty of challenges; good luck mastering "Devil Went Down To Georgia!"

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