Well, it was bound to happen eventually; no security system is foolproof. According to GameDaily.biz, there has been a recent breach of security – although SCEA doesn't want to call it that – in the PlayStation Network. A source told GameDaily that somebody actually tricked a Sony employee into handing out crucial information that let the imposter gain access to the network.

However, Kimberly Otzman of Corporate Communications says it really shouldn't be called a "security breach" because the hacker didn't physically break into the network. She clarified in this way-

"Just to clarify, there has been no hacking or electronic breach to any of SCEA's electronic security systems. An as-yet-unidentified PSN user impersonating an SCEA IT employee apparently called customer service agents in order to gain unauthorized access to two PSN user accounts not belonging to the imposter. The unauthorized accessing of the two accounts was discovered immediately after it took place, the unauthorized access was disabled, and the account-holders were notified."

So apparently, it appears no damage has been done. Otzman says the appropriate strides were taken before any potential financial damage could occur, and SCEA is working towards "rectifying the situation." It's not a good sign that any employee could be persuaded to give away such important info – what's that say about the workforce over there, Sony? – but at least they caught it before it could directly impact honest, paying users.

"No consumer experienced any financial loss or damage. In response to the incident, SCEA immediately enhanced its customer service protocol, implementing additional security safeguards, and began an intensive investigation of the incident that remains ongoing," Otzman finished.

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