Epic never said the November 2007 release date for Unreal Tournament 3 was a sure thing, but they did say they would work hard to hit that target. Unfortunately, while it's still not impossible to see this highly anticipated FPS before the end of the year, Midway has announced the game's delay.

When they revealed revised estimates for the third quarter that ended on September 30 and the fourth quarter that ends on December 31, Midway said UT3 has been delayed until Q1 2008. They also announced that the oft-delayed PS3 version of Stranglehold has suffered another delay, this time into the fourth quarter. UT3 was initially expected to arrive in November for the PS3 and PC and Stranglehold PS3 was supposed to hit store shelves later this month.

"While we regret that these delays will cause us to lose some valuable holiday sales in the near term as well as shift revenue for some of these titles out of 2007 and into 2008, we remain confident that our technology strategy and product plan position us to grow both revenue and market share as we move into the heart of this console cycle," said David F. Zucker, Midway president and chief executive officer.

However, the story doesn't end there. Epic VP Mark Rein issued an official comment after this announcement, and it appears the delay confirmation may be premature. The PC version is actually still on track for November, and Epic is still pushing to get UT3 PS3 on store shelves before the end of the year.

"As a public company, Midway felt an obligation to its shareholders to let them know about the possibility of a delay. But our goal is still to get the PS3 version of UT3 in stores before the end of 2007. However, we will only ship it once it's ready and is the best game we can deliver. The PC version is still on track for a November release."

Rein went on to say the PS3 version may still arrive in December, and the good news is that with the added time, it will feature all the maps available in the PC version. Well, we certainly don't want them to rush, but we also want to play UT3 on the PS3 this year…really badly. Let's hope Epic can do what needs to be done to keep the PS3 and PC versions scheduled for 2007!

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