Even during the dark days of the PS3 launch, many analysts were predicting the system would pick up and eventually score another victory this generation. Now, yet another analyst has come forward and issued another positive expectation for both the PS3 and PSP, despite his belief both will suffer through a difficult holiday season.

Nick Parker, Senior Games Analyst for Screen Digest, believes Sony will eventually come out on top…but it may not be very soon. He cites a variety of reasons – one of them being the technological advancements for the PSP announced at the Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig – but above all else, Sony needs to get the games out. He says the Q4 title lineup looks "comparatively weak," and there aren't enough "triple-A titles to drive hardware adoption." On the other hand, Parker reminds us that publishers are still betting on both the PS3 and PSP in the long run, which means future support shouldn't be a question.

Like most all analysts, Parker says Sony faces far stiffer competition from both Microsoft and Nintendo this time around, but remains confident the Wii "fad" will fade and Microsoft hasn't "taken full advantage of their lead." In the end, Sony will come out on top (and potentially even dominate once again) with the PS3, but like any prediction, only time will tell…

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