Things are getting nasty in the virtual world of basketball.
NBA Live 08, NBA 08, and NBA 2K8 have all shipped on the same
date. Furthermore, all three games are great, and that's a
wonderful thing for all gamers. 2K Sports has issued an official
line noting the release of NBA 2K8 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox
360, and even on the PlayStation 2. Highlighted are some of the
new features to be found in NBA 2K8:

•Sprite Slam Dunk Contest: Rock the house 2K style with
gravity-defying jams as gamers perform from over 300 dunk
variations! Up to four players can play to raise the competition
level and even compete online. Bobbito Garcia appears as the
emcee of the contest.

•All-New Off-Ball Control: The player isn’t just
controlling the ballhandler anymore. Now on offense, users can
switch off to other players to call for alley-oops, jostle for
post-position, set screens, and more.

•Lock-On D: All-new defensive controls give users more
control of their player than ever before. Use the right analog to
play tighter defense on the ballhandler and run advanced
defensive sets.

•The Association: Allows users to run their franchise by
identifying player roles, balancing playing time, and keeping
team morale up. The Hoopcast Simulator makes simulating games
exciting, while SimCentral centralizes all necessary information
for real-time stats, standings, injuries, and much more.

•Next Gen Movement Technology: With improved Signature Style
technology, player movement has never looked this lifelike! Body
actions and movements will react naturally to factors of speed,
collisions and momentum, bringing the game to life like never

•Music: NBA 2K8 features three exclusive original tracks
from the legendary J Dilla with Common, Madlib and Q-Tip with
Talib Kweli providing vocals on their respective songs. Rounding
out the soundtrack are offerings from Quasimoto, Percee P,
Run-DMC, Devo, Cut Chemist, Fishbone, Stone Roses and many more.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of NBA 2K8 will retail at
full cost of 59.99, but the PS2 version will run $29.99

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