It's difficult to keep things secret when you have to take the appropriate business steps to launch a new product. First, we have a mysterious FCC filing from Sony, with a code number that's awfully similar to the other PS3 models. Then, we hear about that "Spider-Man 3" Blu-Ray bundle, which will feature a "lower-spec" 40GB PS3, and now, the mysterious PS3 is starting to pop up in retail databases.

According to multiple sources (Joystiq, Engadget, etc.), this lower-end PS3 model is already in official existence. Joystiq says they received a tip that a UPC database website has a listing for a "Sony PlayStation 3 40GB" and that's enough to get people excited. Whatever site that is, it doesn't seem to allow user-created data, and so far, all of their numbers we've checked have been correct. On top of this, Engadget claims to have a leaked Best Buy document that shows a similar listing for a 40GB PS3, with a retail price of $399. So far, you're looking at some of the best evidence of the much-rumored PS3 model, even though Sony hasn't said anything official.

What will be unveiled during their Big Bang conference? Well, it seems more than likely that the 40GB PS3, bundled with "Spider-Man 3" and boasting a $399 price tag, is definitely on the announcement agenda. We all know about it now, Sony, why wait until October 12? Just go ahead and tell us!

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