Update: This rumor appears to have been debunked; SPOnG put in a call to Rockstar, and were told simply, "it's coming out in Spring 2008." That's a quick and firm denial of the date shown at the PlayStation UK site, but it's hardly a big surprise. Oh well, it didn't really seem all that feasible, anyway.

Original Story:

Well, this will cause a major stir.

It's very possible that this could just be another website typo, but a little notice that goes along with it is most curious. As we all know, Take-Two Interactive was forced to delay Grand Theft Auto IV until next year; the initial release date had been October 16 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. At the time, a Take-Two representative looked at the early build for the game and concluded it simply wouldn't hit the target release date.

However, whispers have been growing around the Internet, and it's all due to the official UK PlayStation site. For whatever reason, they list the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV with an October 2007 release date. And we've seen this misprint before, but there are two things going against that logic right now: firstly, it's way too late to be using such an old release date for such a high-profile title. Secondly, if you look down towards the middle of the News updates on the site's home page , it says GTAIV is "now on the horizon."

What the heck is going on here? For PS3 owners, this rumor gets even more interesting due to the recent rumors of a major announcement coming this month. G4TV said they have a "huge announcement" ready to go (they just have to resolve some legal issues first), and that 40GB PS3 is looking more and more possible with every passing day. Wouldn't it make a ton of sense to release a timed-exclusive and gigantic title like GTAIV along with a lower-spec yet cheaper PlayStation 3 model? Oh, we think it does make sense. It may not prove true, but hey, it's always fun to ponder and speculate, isn't it?

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