Killzone 2 is sneaking up on us, and the Official PlayStation Magazine scored a chance to play an early build of the massively anticipated FPS. This preview is chock full of gameplay impressions – most all of which are glowing – and when you get a chance to read it in the upcoming issue, you'll be damn excited. Just as a teaser, here's a nice little summary paragraph taken from that preview, offered by

"One of the best things about Killzone 2 is death. Thanks to a mix of ragdoll physics and traditional animation, you really feel like the Helghast are giving it 100% when they die. […] much of the scenery is destructible. Pull the trigger and the world around you crumbles, shatters and splinters. […] I follow my AI-controlled comrades into a nearby building complex. Once inside it's the audio that impresses. Guerilla uses a technique called ambient occlusion. […] behind concrete walls the noise of battle from outside becomes thick and muffled, while your own shots echo through the corridors."

Furthermore, the good news doesn't end there. The magazine also boasts an interview with producer Steven Ter Heide and managing director Hermen Hulstwas, and it seems they talked a lot about the game's multiplayer. One of Heide's quotes hints at Guerilla implementing PlayStation Home into the "multiplayer strategy" for Killzone 2 : "…there's a lot of interesting things we're going to be able to do," he said. "But we can't talk about it yet. Home is also very interesting. There's a lot of opportunity there, and it's all part of our multiplayer strategy."

Home has been delayed until Spring 2008, which may actually coincide with the Killzone 2 launch, even though neither has a concrete release date just yet. What could they be planning regarding Home…? Looks like we'll just have to wait and see, but we've got plenty of ideas, and we're sure the team does, too.

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