While Rock Band is a very highly anticipated title, would-be fans have been concerned about one thing: the overall price of admission. Remember, there are multiple accessories that go with the game (guitar, drum kit, microphone, etc.), which could feasibly up the price of the entire package to $200 or more.

However, Amazon.com and other retailers recently started listing the full Rock Band packages for the PS3 and Xbox 360 at a more reasonable $169.99 price tag. Up to this point, Harmonix and MTV Games have refused to go into details regarding cost, but they have gone on record saying they plan to make it "affordable." And in response to this latest retail development, a Harmonix representative has finally confirmed to GameSpot that the updated pricing and release date information is correct: it will indeed cost $169.99 and release on November 23.

Furthermore, we only recently learned the PS2 version of Rock Band would be coming to North America , and the Harmonix rep also confirmed its price and release date. It will arrive on December 10 and retail for $159.99, which means if you haven't taken the next-gen plunge yet, you'll have to wait a couple extra weeks…but you can also save ten bucks. Oh, and if you'd rather purchase the game and accessories separately, you can do that as well.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 bundles will feature a wired drum kit and a microphone, and the latter package will include a wired Fender Stratocaster guitar controller and USB hub. PS3 owners get the slightly better deal, though, as that version comes with a wireless version of that Stratocaster controller. Lastly, the PS3 accessories will be backwards compatible; they can be used when playing with the PS2 version. We've been waiting long enough for all this information, and we finally have it: start considering a purchase right now, music and rhythm fans!

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