Sony launched Warhawk with two options: you could either download the game from the PlayStation Store for $39.99 or pick up the retail Blu-Ray version (Jabra Bluetooth headset included) for $59.99. However, if you still need another excuse to pick up this excellent online title, it appears you'll get one this month.

According to, a Sony Computer Entertainment representative confirmed to Level Up that, later this month, stores will begin selling a $39.99 version of Warhawk . Obviously, this one wouldn't include the headset. It also means that consumers can pick up the downloadable or retail version for the exact same price, and because more than a few online gamers have a headset already, this is probably a good thing. More evidence can be found at, which now has a listing for Warhawk -Game Only, and it's scheduled to ship on October 10 (probably in stores the next day).

It's more than likely we'll start seeing this same practice with other online-based multiplayer titles. They're already anticipating that SOCOM: Confrontation will ship with and without a headset, and another bundle possibility lies with the eventual Gran Turismo 5 , which might come with a Logitech steering wheel. But again, you won't be forced to buy that; it's merely an option. We didn't have this option for Warhawk for over a month, but don't worry, it's coming.

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