Sony has said they don't plan to drop the price of the PS3 any time soon , and SCEE has said any talk about a 40GB PS3 is just rumor and speculation . Then, a recent FCC filing helped to resurrect that rumor from the dead (even if it wasn't entirely dead to begin with). 'whew' All caught up now?

Good, because Read Deal Gaming has added more fuel to the fire by issuing a rundown of all the evidence that supports the existence of that "lower-spec" PS3. Furthermore, they believe they know when it will hit store shelves: on or around October 30. Why? Well, here's their reasons for the belief, and we have to say, it sounds pretty logical-

First up, the original rumor stated that the 40GB PS3 would ship with a little gift; the "Spider-Man 3" Blu-Ray movie. …is it only irony that this game is slated to release on October 30? Next, there is some evidence hiding behind the recent Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction delay . We never got a reason for this delay, and we know the game is all ready to go…so some were wondering why they would delay it for one week. Well, because that would put the release date at October 30. And if you hadn't noticed, that's a very big title for the PS3, so it would make perfect sense for such a release to complement the launch of a brand new PlayStation 3 model.

All this being said, nothing is concrete, but if you gather up all the news of the recent weeks, it seems very possible that we could see the mysterious 40GB PS3 this month. Sony refused to comment on that FCC filing, by the way, and Sony president Kaz Hirai has already gone on record saying they want to focus more on the system's software. Therefore, bring out Ratchet , keep the price of the 80GB PS3 (which Sony is clearly happy with), provide the public with a cheaper option, drop a little incentive in there with "Spider-Man 3," and you've got a plan! Yep, we like the sound of this.

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