This month's EGM has already sparked some debate and controversy, and a lot of that is due to their debunking of the Bioshock PS3 rumor. There hasn't been a whole lot of evidence to support the theory that this awesome FPS will make its way to the PS3 (besides a few analyst predictions), and this news – even if it's not confirmed – only serves to cripple the rumor even more.

Here's the copied paragraph of interest from the magazine:

"By now you've probably heard of the 360 first-person underwater adventure game BioShock. Or read about it. Or (if you’re smart) finished it. But for the uninformed: Would you kindly go play it already? Thanks. Just don't expect to play it on the Playstation 3. See, my spies let slip that Microsoft handed publisher 2K a mammoth moneyhat to keep BioShock out of Sony's waters. And the extra content originally planned for the PS3 version? You just might see that on a potential Game of the Year edition for the 360."

Obviously, "my spies" isn't exactly an official source and doesn't mean such a payoff actually happened, but we assume it's possible. We've been saying for quite a while that this is one game you don't want to wait for; that you should just pick it up now for the Xbox 360 or PC. However, despite our skepticism, we always want truly fantastic titles to become available to as many gamers as possible. This rumor will endure, but in all honesty, we think it's best for PS3 owners to turn their attention to other awesome games guaranteed to come to their platform.

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