Think you've had enough time with Warhawk to play with the best of the best? Want to try your hand at winning a sweet prize? Then head on over to PSN At Home and check out the rules of their upcoming tournament.

You've got some time to prepare, as you can see; the contest begins on Saturday, October 20 at 1 p.m. and the format is 1 vs. 1 elimination rounds. Please remember you also have to be a member of PSN At Home. More details are to come – you'll see most of them on the servers after you register – but there is the possibility the tournament could last a couple days. The battles will run for six hours on October 20, and if a winner hasn't yet been decided, they'll take the extra day. We hope you're familiar with The Badlands Fortress map, because every match will take place there- you'll have 15 minutes to defeat your opponent, and there will be no kill limit.

There is a registration fee (to cover the shipping of the prizes): $2/person. The first 20 to register for this tournament will receive a Collectible Warhawk "Wings" button. This is the same pin that the top 100 beta testers received, by the way. What can you win? Well, the runner-up will get the official Warhawk strategy guide and the winner will receive that guide plus a Collectible Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots case. Well, what do you say? Sign up to throw down!

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