When the name is "Final Fantasy," any and all news is big news. Therefore, when Square-Enix finally decided to drop a few more details on both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII Versus , we just had to get our grubby little hands on 'em and put them up here. You know you can't resist, RPG fans…

According to Forever-Fantasy.net, this information comes from a translated Famitsu scan, so let's hope everything here is accurate:

The new FFXIII girl is different than other girls in the series so it's hard to get her into balance- we're not entirely sure what this means. Does she have an inner ear infection, or something?

Nomura said the latest FF XIII Versus trailer finally "caught up" to the original image he had always had- Nomura spoke highly of both games' visual accomplishments in a recent interview, so this statement is no surprise. Unfortunately, there now appears to be the possibility that any new characters you see might be "reset" at the end of the year. Apparently, even the main character's design has always been temporary, so his final form won't be official until next year.

Environments going Italian?- This seems to be the case. The plains and towns showed off in recent trailers follow the image of Italy, and even the text in the latest trailer was Italian. …what prompted them to do this, we have no idea.

Hopefully, Famitsu will once again tackle Square-Enix to clarify a few of these points. But until then, we'll take whatever info we can get, just 'cuz we all know you FF nuts need daily update sustenance.

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