We had hoped we'd be telling you all about the "huge" announcement that should've happened last night on "Attack of the Show," but unfortunately, whatever they have to tell us has been delayed.

From their website-

"Ultimately, the delay is the result of a legal thing that we honestly thought would be worked out by now. You know how it is, the lawyers in the fancy suits with the big briefcases have to cross every "T" and dot every "I" before anybody can do anything."

Due to the timing, many believed this announcement may have had something to do with Halo 3 , but at the very least, we know that's not it. Others thought G4TV might start broadcasting in HD – as if that's some kind of huge announcement – but that's not it, either. It looks like we'll just have to keep guessing, because we now have no idea when they might drop this bomb. Whatever the legal issue is, we hope they resolve it quickly, because the suspense is killing us.

Well, if it's something as equally lame as the HD idea, maybe we won't be so excited. Let's hope for something a wee bit bigger…

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