Okay, Polyphony, maybe you've finally crossed the line: could you be working on a game that's going to be too realistic? As Kotaku reports, professional Ferrari racer Brunno Senna has sat down and played Gran Turismo HD Concept , and…well, there seems to be a problem with how the Ferrari drives. It's actually too difficult!

Here's what Senna had to say on the issue-

"It's a good game but the biggest misrepresentation in GT HD is the Ferrari 599. It's overly difficult to drive, even if you put racing tires on. It's almost as if the car has far more power than it does in real life. And the controller is really sensitive so it's not so easy to input the exact amount of power you want out of the car. It becomes a bit too hard to be fun.

"I love Gran Turismo — I have the fourth game and I've played it loads, and some of the cars are really good in the game. I think one of the most realistic re-creations of a car in the game is the Golf GTi and one of the Audis. They have the exact amount of oversteer as on the real car."

Interesting stuff. But don't tell us only the low-end cars in Gran Turismo 5 will be ultra-realistic, Brunno. No, don't tell us that! But on the other hand, we might be detecting a hint of PR in Senna's description, here. See, as it turns out, he worked as an adviser on the upcoming PS3 title, Ferrari Challenge . Soooo…this almost sounds like a wee bit of promotion for his game, even though he never mentions it. Fine, looks like racing fans will just have to get both, but we're still convinced GT5 will end up being the most realistic racing sim on earth. So there , professional racing champion.

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