Japan can't get enough of Square-Enix, which is why Famitsu interviews S-E members so darn often. In the latest issue, the country's biggest gaming publication interviewed Tetsuya Nomura, who doesn't like anything more than talking about his beloved Final Fantasy franchise. Well, usually.

Nomura is definitely psyched about his next FF projects, and while he's a mainstay of the legendary franchise, he said he's never been "as deeply involved" in any installment as he is right now with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII Versus . Furthermore, while most all of us expect those two games to look superior to any other entry in the franchise (they'll be on the PS3, after all), Nomura said in regards to the visuals, they're "close to perfection." Oh yeah? Sweet, give us a look with a demo!

Perhaps one of the most encouraging comments came during the visuals discussion. Nomura said that with the help of the PlayStation 3's super powerful hardware, "all visions can come true." Clearly, this is one of the reasons both these epic projects are exclusive to Sony's next-gen platform. He said it's definitely a big advantage for his team to concentrate on one console, even if that means they can't reach the biggest possible audience. This is all good news for the future concerning the PS3; if other developers get this excited about working with Sony's new hardware, we can probably expect some pretty stunning titles in the future.

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