Update: Before the rumor gains any more steam, we have to clear things up: according to analyst Michael Pachter and GameDaily.biz, Project Gotham Racing is a franchise owned by Microsoft, so it's not likely we'll be seeing it on the PS3. Initially, GameDaily had said "you can bet that Activision will want to bring the top-selling Project Gotham Racing to the PS3." But they've revised that after contacting a Microsoft representative who said:

"Bizarre Creations has been an great partner for Microsoft Game Studios and we wish them nothing but the best in the future. Project Gotham Racing is a signature racing franchise for Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE and we plan to continue the series but we have nothing further to announce."

Original Story:

Multiplatform appears to be the norm in this new generation, and now, it seems very possible another big-name exclusive may find its way to other consoles. Activision has just bought Bizarre Creations, who is responsible for the critically acclaimed racing franchise, Project Gotham Racing . Thing is, this series has always been exclusive to Microsoft consoles…but perhaps that's going to change.

As Bizarre Creation's Ben Ward said on the company's website,"we're no longer tied to just one platform," and future titles "can be on whatever [platform] we please." As for some of the team's imminent projects, Sega will still publish The Club and Sierra will handle Geometry Wars Galaxies . But of course, they've got a couple more in the hopper for Activision; one's a racing title and the other is a "character game." This would imply we might see Project Gotham Racing 4 on the PS3, and it could also mean that "character game" could be multiplatform, too.

Bizarre seems to be plenty pleased with the move, and hopefully, we'll hear more about multiplat games in the near future.

"Bizarre are happy because it means we're completely safe as a company, we all get to stay exactly the same," added Ward. And we now have the opportunity to stretch our legs with some brand new game concepts. This is going to be fun…"

PGR4 would make for a really solid addition to the PS3's library, even though we already have the likes of Gran Turismo . Hey, the more racing games, the better!

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