As usual, while the developer and publisher shoot the rumor down, industry analysts keep it alive. According to one analyst in a recent Take-Two Interactive report, it seems Bioshock could indeed make its way to other platforms, including the PS3.

Janco Partners analyst, Mike Hickey, talked about Take-Two "extracting more from the success" of the extremely well-received atmospheric FPS. He also mentioned the ongoing and growing anticipation of Grand Theft Auto IV in the company update, but we already knew about that. As for the Bioshock situation, he had this to say-

"We expect management could choose to raise capital now, leveraging a higher share price, investor enthusiasm over the GTA IV release, the franchise potential of Bioshock and their strong fiscal '08 guidance."

However, while this may sound like good news on the surface for PS3 owners, perhaps you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. Hickey believes that, even if Bioshock does go multiplatform, it won't happen before fiscal year 2009. In that case, we can't possibly recommend you wait on your hands for that long; just play the damn game now on the Xbox 360 or PC! If it were just around the corner for the PS3, that'd be another thing entirely…you never know. But we'll keep you updated with any more Bioshock PS3 details.

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