One of the most-discussed games of the year has been Unreal Tournament 3 , which will be exclusive to the PS3 and PC this year and should arrive in November (the Xbox 360 version will follow in 2008). Obviously, the game will have a heavy focus on multiplayer, so much has been made of the possibility of cross-platform play, and up to this point, Epic Games has not dismissed the possibility. However, it now seems they've made up their minds.

In a recent IRC chat Epic VP Mark Rein confirmed that the game will not feature cross-platform multiplayer. He did say this was certain for launch, but didn't entirely say the idea was impossible for the future. Here are his comments on the subject:

"The biggest challenge in doing cross platform play is syncronizing [sic] the builds such that the build on the PC is 100% compatible with the build on the PS3. Unfortunately (or fortunately) when you [develop] games on console you have a lengthy certification process to go through each time you release anything new."

"We looked at how this would impact our ability to respond quickly to things happening at internet speed on the PC side of the equation and realized that this would not be in the best interests of our very loyal PC userbase," he went on, "because we would constantly be holding on to updates to wait until they passed cert on the console platform."

Later, Rein added that we may eventually see cross-platform play "after the game has settled down," but even then we probably shouldn't hold our breath. Other topics were touched on during the discussion, and Epic talked about the levels of UT3 ("it's all about the color and crazy environments!") and also the fully realized map editor function. When asked if it was similar to the one we find in Halo 3 (it's called "Forge"), Rein kinda took a little jab at Bungie and remarked:

""You mean an in-game editor that lets you rearrange the furniture as opposed to the professional tool we actually made the game with? No, we give you the real editor we use and all the power you can handle."

Yep, that's why we love UT! Anyway, we'll provide more details as they become available, and we're crossing our fingers that the November release date sticks.

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