Sony and Incognito have successfully revived Warhawk for the PS3, and now, that success has – in part – sparked a rumor regarding another classic PS1 title; a title that might also get the next-generation treatment. It's the futuristic levitating jet-ski game, Jet Moto .

According to the latest rumors at 1Up, Sony is looking at this racing title for a possible modernized revamping. They have no idea if the next-gen remake will be a PlayStation Network installment, or something a little more full-fledged, like Warhawk , but it still sounds like a good idea. Perhaps you'll make it for the PSP…? We're hoping for something more robust, but hey, we'd like to see this particular racing game return in some form. That title was just loads of fun.

We're actually hoping they approach it in much the same way they tackled Warhawk : an all-online jet-ski racing game would kick so much ass, no doubt about it. And they could definitely build on the original formula in a variety of ways, so there'd be no shortage of upgrade possibilities. Therefore, if there's any truth to this rumor, we'd certainly like to see Sony announce it and provide us with some early details.

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