Sure, Final Fantasy is popular worldwide, but most other Square-Enix titles simply don't fare very well outside of Japan. We've known this for a while, but according to the Financial Times, the veteran RPG publisher is looking to change that.

In an effort to increase its revenue stream overseas, it seems Square-Enix is searching for a foreign partner for help in the US and European game markets. Senior Vice President Michihiro Sasaki told the Times that only about 10-20% of the company's revenue was coming from overseas markets (heck, we didn't even think it was that high). But they're pretty sick of that; Sasaki said they want it make it half "within two to three years." We're certain they're not too worried about a guaranteed global blockbuster like Final Fantasy XIII , but even something like The Last Remnant (which is also coming to the Xbox 360) may not turn enough heads outside of Japan.

Sasaki did say they're a "little worried" about the PS3's sales performance, but that's not stopping their support of the system, apparently. In the end, Square-Enix simply wants to have a bigger impact on overseas markets, and we can understand that. Their titles really should be appreciated by a larger audience.

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