Those who have been following the 40GB PS3 rumor have come to believe the announcement is almost inevitable. Recent evidence has pointed to possible pricing for the system in both the US ($399) and UK (GBP 299), and at this point, it seems only like a matter of time before Sony steps up and provides the official unveiling.

However, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has told that all this 40GB PS3 talk is nothing more than "rumor and speculation." The supposed "lower-spec" console might make for a good holiday addition, but at this time, Sony clearly isn't prepared to talk about it. You may note they didn't say, "we're not making such a model," which could imply they're simply not going to announce anything just yet. Remember, Sony's corporate policy is, "we don't announce anything until there's something to announce."

While the PS3 hasn't yet seen a price cut in the UK, gamers across the pond do have those Starter Packs, which include an extra wireless Sixaxis controller and two first-party titles. That bundle costs GBP 425, but hey, it's your only option. For now, at least.

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