Well, this year's Tokyo Game Show has come and gone, and Japan's Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association (CESA) has revealed the final attendance numbers for both businesses and general attendance. As it turns out, it was an overall record attendance, but just barely, and the general attendance numbers were down.

Over the four-day span, TGS 2007 saw a total of 193,040 attendees, which is slightly higher than last year's 192,411. The difference is that this year, the first two days were for industry members (developers, publishers, media, etc.), and that's where the numbers were bigger: 29,783 showed up on the first day, and 32,390 were in attendance during the second day. TGS 2006 saw only one business day, and there were a total of 39,645 attendees.

However, general attendance from the gaming public was significantly lower this year, with only 64,795 visitors on the first day (there were 84,823 last year). The second day saw only a very small decline, though- 66,072 this year; 67,943 last year. CESA clearly wasn't surprised at these numbers, as they had only expected to see a total of 180,000 attendees, so in their eyes, the show was a big success. Quite obviously, with no major system launches this year – the PS3 and Wii launched in November of 2006 – it should be no surprise to anyone to see lower TGS 2007 numbers.

Next year's Tokyo Game Show is tentatively scheduled for early 2008.

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