Earlier this year, THQ canceled the Saints Row PS3 port when they projected their first-quarter financials. However, THQ CEO Brian Farrell said the game's developer, Volition, had focused entirely on a sequel to the popular GTA-style title, which will be coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Today, Saints Row 2 has officially been confirmed and will arrive for both consoles simultaneously some time next year. Players will be coming back to Stilwater in the sequel, but not only will the city be expanded, the story will also be darker the whole way 'round. Lead producer Greg Donovan had this to say about the change in atmosphere and attitude:

"Saints Row 2 has a much darker and more sinister story that leads your character down a path of betrayal, revenge and redemption against the city that has left him for dead, although we've blended that with the same light-hearted humor from the original."

Furthermore, and as you might expect, the sequel will boast several new features. Those who played the original will remember that mission-based gameplay, but to add to that formula, THQ is bringing the online co-op mode into the full offline campaign. Yep, you and a buddy can work together to bring the city to its knees! As for the online play, Saints Row 2 will offer an experience THQ called an "open-world competitive multiplayer mode never before seen in the genre." Lastly, you can certainly expect more options from top to bottom, including more character customization options, weapons, and vehicles.

You can check out the official website for Saints Row 2 , and we'll let you know when they nail down a more concrete release date estimate. In the meantime, we hope THQ is aware that if they bring it out for spring, they may find themselves in direct competition with Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto IV , and that might prove problematic.

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