PS3 owners have already had to wait longer for Midway's hot action title, Stranglehold , but now it appears that wait has been extended.

Originally scheduled to release on September 17, two weeks after the Xbox 360 version, the game seems to have suffered another delay. Unfortunately, we can't seem to pin down a date from retailers; after checking with four local GameStops, we got three different release dates, although all of them fell in the same week: one said October 26, one said October 29, and the other two said October 30. We can't really be sure what's going on here – it's highly unlikely their computers are on the blink and playing tricks on the Stranglehold release date – but maybe Midway will clarify things today.

The further it drops back, the more it will have in the way of competition; for example, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction will already be available at the end of next month. And if Midway has to push Stranglehold PS3 back even further…well, than we're looking at even more problems. C'mon guys, let it hit the shelves already!

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