Perhaps one of the biggest surprises at the Tokyo Game Show was the lack of a PS3 price drop announcement, which many analysts had predicted we'd see by Christmas. Of course, we've got a little ways to go yet before the holidays, but it would've made sense to hear about this price cut at the world's biggest game show.

But Sony isn't withholding the big unveiling; according to what Sony president Kazuo Hirai told Reuters, they've got "some things to do" before they will consider a price drop. As usual, Hirai cited the expected "this is a marathon, not a sprint" argument when asked about the PS3's mediocre sales performance so far. On top of this, he still believes they will hit their sales target of the fiscal year, which sits at 11 million units. And as for any price drop, he was pretty firm with his response:

"We think about price daily," said Hirai, "but at this point we're not considering doing something immediately. We're thinking of many things to push hardware and software sales in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. We feel we can definitely do this."

We were all waiting on pins and needles to hear about the price drop during Hirai's keynote address at TGS last week, but it never happened. It seems clear that Sony wishes to beef up the PS3's software lineup first, and then work on cutting the price down by maybe $50 or $100 (you never know).

"Before adjusting the price, we have some things to do," Hirai finished. "It's important to strengthen our software lineup, get the word out about the PS3, and see if we can deliver our message."

Well, we just hope this doesn't impact the holiday season too severely; maybe the 60GB model will stick around for longer than we think, thereby offering Christmas shoppers a cheaper – and in some ways, better – option.

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