It seems like we've been getting fun new quotes from Sony reps to play with every day since E3. Damage control for the pricing scheme? Maybe. But the PS3 might be a slightly easier sell considering Ken Kutaragi's latest interview in which he states: "On the PS3, basic services will be taken for granted while content will be the bread and butter of our business."

What does that mean for you? Most likely free matchmaking services and other basic features such as communication tools. While Microsoft's Xbox Live does provide a free Silver account for some parts of its service, you'll still have to pay to play your favorite games online with friends.

The statement does imply, though, that (akin to MS' "microtransactions") you'll be charged for content-based packages such as extra maps and additional characters.

With all the talk coming out of Sony concerning the PS3 and its status as a game console (they prefer to think of it as a computer or entertainment hub), it's good to see Kutaragi coming along with something decidedly positive for the average consumer.

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