First, the next installment in the quirky yet wildly popular franchise was tentatively announced for all three consoles. Then, they dropped a bomb and confirmed that Beautiful Katamari would be exclusive to the Xbox 360. Not long after, whispers of the game coming back to either the PS3 or Wii (or both) began to circulate, and those whispers escalated to a full-throated roar when the anticipated action/puzzle title popped up on Namco Bandai's website for the PS3 and Wii.

But we may have the final word on this issue (for now): 1Up spoke to Beautiful Katamari director Jun Morikawa at the Tokyo Game Show, and he confirmed that the game will not be coming to the PS3. But look, it's like a roller-coaster ride! Morikawa also said the series would "definitely be making its way to the console soon." Let the debate and speculation begin, but all we really care about is that Katamari will – at some point and in some form – be available on the PS3. Sweetness.

It could end up being some sort of enhanced remake of Beautiful Katamari , but that's just a guess. You can't really change the concept of this series all that much in the first place, so we're not too worried; we just want to roll that big sticky ball and pick up more stuff! We'll keep an eye out for any PS3 Katamari info as it becomes available.

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