As expected, Unreal Tournament 3 showed up at the Tokyo Game Show in playable form, and more than a few attendees wanted to get their hands on it. Also as expected, most said their experience with the game was great, although there were reports of a few bugs and even a crash (according to IGN) here and there. But as Epic's Mark Rein said, ""If there were no bugs we'd have shipped by now!"

The team is still "shooting for a November release," but one of the major topics of concern amongst UT fans centers on the potential differences between the PS3 and PC versions. Epic has already said we can expect both to be mostly identical, but it seems there was a slight alteration to that claim at TGS: Rein said the PS3 version would have "most of the content" that would be included in the PC version. What does this mean? Well, exactly what it says; there will be a "couple" maps left out of the PS3 version "simply because the system doesn't have the resources to produce a smooth gameplay experience."

Well, we can live without a few extra maps, provided the gameplay is the same (or at least very similar), and Epic has frequently said it would be. Furthermore, the good ol' UT modding will be possible, and Rein added there are plans to let players release mods for sale on the PlayStation Network! Just more fan interaction from Epic, which is always a good thing. And while we're on the subject of the Network, Rein also said that, at some point, the most popular maps would be gathered and featured in an updated Unreal Tournament 3 package in the future.

We'll keep you posted on that release date, which remains less-than-fixed for November. Let's hope it sticks, 'cuz we wanna play!

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