Devil May Cry 4 is once again playable at the Tokyo Game Show; we say "once again" because it has been playable before, most recently at last month's Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig. That same build is currently on the TGS show floor, so we didn't expect to report anything new from the DMC 4 camp. However, a brand new trailer from Capcom showed off a bunch of new stuff!

The trailer in question first shows off a bunch of battle scenes – duh – where Nero faces down a huge flying worm, some gigantic plant-like creature, and a pack of dark wolves – and that is to be expected. We saw a bit more of Gloria, too, but nothing beyond what we had already seen. However, it appears Nero has a new skill: he can grab and toss weapons back to their original owner…in deadly fashion. Furthermore, Dante appeared in the video with a nifty new set of spiked gauntlets, which could be a brand new melee weapon of some kind.

But it doesn't end there. Fans of the series will remember Trish from the original Devil May Cry and Lady from Devil May Cry 3 , and it seems they will be making an appearance in DMC4. Both pop up at the Devil May Cry Shop in the trailer, although we're not sure why, or what role these two may play in the game. But evidently, the new female character, Kyrie, will play a major role…she might be Nero's love interest for the story. Nero fights to save her in this trailer, and seems awfully ticked off that the baddies would dare to kidnap her. This is another angle we hadn't anticipated, so more and more info keeps flowing in from Capcom regarding DMC4.

And hey, we'll take it. We already have to wait until early 2008, so any fresh news on this hot action title is…well, hot.

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