If you were hoping to see more details on Gran Turismo 5: Prologue at this year's Tokyo Game Show, we've got them right here for you (to some extent).

According to the official Gran Turismo site, they announced a free downloadable demo and a change in the target release date for this highly anticipated title. At first, we weren't sure if Sony was planning to release both the downloadable and Blu-Ray versions simultaneously (like they did with Warhawk ), but now, we know they're not. As it turns out, the download will become available on October 20 while the Blu-Ray version won't hit store shelves until December 13.

They also said all kinds of sweet new car models will be unveiled to coincide with the start of the 40th Tokyo Motor Show. The show runs from October 26 through November 11, so during that time, we should be seeing more cars for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue , and that's always good news. You can also check out new videos and screenshots over at the official site . The more GT5 updates, the better, right?

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