While it wasn't exactly loaded down with flashy fireworks, Kaz Hirai did have a few interesting things to say during his keynote address. One of the most important to game creators is his promise that Sony will strive to "increase development efficiency" by offering better support to developers.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that some developers are still struggling with the PS3's complex architecture ('cough' EA 'cough'), and quite simply, Sony has plans to help them out. One of the first steps they will take is the sharing of assets and knowledge between Sony Worldwide Studios and third-party developers. The aforementioned efficiency boost will come from "new strategies" and sharing the SN Systems Tool chain, which was obtained when Sony purchased SN Systems back in 2005. Furthermore, Sony wishes to hear feedback from publishers; they'll be arranging advisory boards on a "regular basis."

This appears to be exactly what frustrated developers have been asking for: some help from Sony. Hirai clearly wanted to mollify these guys, but not just with empty words. Sony wishes to establish new and improved methods of communication and assistance, which should benefit everyone – right down to the gamer himself – in the long run.

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