We'd like to say, "three brand new PS3 games were unveiled during Sony's TGS keynote," but we can't really be sure that's accurate. See…we can't decide if these actually qualify as "games." Kaz Hirai didn't have much to say last night, but there was something interesting in that large video montage they displayed.

Three mysterious "games" were unveiled, and we'll do our best to describe them: the first is Aqua , which is exactly what it sounds like: a water – or rather, ocean – setting. Supposedly, it will allow players to "experience the dynamism of nature." Depending on your actions on a daily basis, this vast sea world will go through a variety of changes…what these actions might be, and what kind of changes we're looking at is still a mystery, though. It's developed by Artdink, and almost reminds us of the "interactive screensaver" that is LocoRoco Cocoreccho! .

The second PS3 "title" will become available on the PlayStation Store as a regular download. It's called Flower (are we sensing a trend, here?) and all we know is this production will…erm…include flowers. Currently in development by thatgamecompany and set to be published by Sony Computer Entertainment, we assume it'll be ready to go some time next year, along with the other two. We also hope to hear more about it over the next few months, because some naturalistic flower scenes ain't tellin' us much.

The last one really isn't a game at all, and we know a bit more about it because Hirai actually discussed it for a few minutes. It's called Dress , which is a program designed for the PlayStation Home service. Essentially, it's a premium avatar service that goes above and beyond anything you could imagine when it comes to avatars- it will actually deliver fashion shows, contests and shops for the customizing nut in all of us. Obviously, Dress won't arrive until Home launches, which won't be until Spring 2008 .

It's always interesting to see updates at a video game show that don't really have anything to do with games or hardware. These new software programs are awfully thought-provoking, so we'll have to keep a close eye on them.

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