Earlier this year, a slew of big-name titles got pushed out of 2007 and into 2008, including Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots . It was a big blow to MGS fans everywhere, but hey, we all want Konami to take their time and get it right. Besides, they continually treat us to new – and just plain brilliant – trailers and videos, so should we really complain?

Well, the latest gigantic trailer is right here, and perhaps even more good news is on the way. You'd have to be able to speak Japanese, but evidently, the translation is clear: over at Konami's official Tokyo Game Show website, the release date for MGS4 has apparently been changed. Ever since E3, we've known it to be "TBA 2008," which was pushed back from the original "Fall 2007" date. But now, it says "Winter 2007," which either means its a plain ol' typo, OR…

Unfortunately, Sony didn't have much of anything to say during Hirai's keynote this evening, so we can't say for sure if this is true. You would figure something this big would've made it into the keynote, but then again, perhaps it's something Konami wants to announce for themselves over the next few days. We'll all be crossing our fingers, that's for damn sure.

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