While Kaz Hirai did address Sony's upcoming online service, PlayStation Home, during his TGS keynote address, it wasn't what anybody wanted to hear. Yeah, it's going to be great, but we've had more than enough updates over the past few months, and we really just wanted the official unveiling this fall.

But unfortunately, Home will not arrive this fall as initially indicated. We've been waiting to hear about an open U.S. beta at some point, but while whispers of such a thing endure, any beta news has basically evaporated in the past weeks. We probably should've viewed this as a sign, but apparently, we just didn't have the foresight…or maybe we just didn't want to entertain the possibility.

Either way, there's no avoiding the truth: PlayStation Home has been delayed past fall 2007, and is now scheduled to launch some time next spring. It's not a massive delay, but it is a significant one. Oh well, at least we've got all those great games coming up for the rest of this year to take our mind of it, right?

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