You can always check our ongoing pseudo-blog updating of Sony's press conference (Arnold's taking care of it), but in the meantime, we'll also be putting up full news stories, summarizing what's happening. First up in Kaz Hirai's speech is his overview of the PS2 and PSP, and just how well they're doing.

The first thing that went up is an impressive graph of PS2 sales in an 8-year time span. It shows the system easily outstripping the PS1 and selling in excess of 130 million units worldwide, which is downright absurd if you really think about it. Hirai also hinted at the possibility of more PS2 titles in the future (more than you may have expected), simply because it's "easier to create PS2 games these days."

He then moved on to the PSP, and showed of screenshots of the PSP Lite and Slim, which became available today in Japan (each cost 198,000 yen). There are several million-sellers Hirai has mentioned as well, including Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition , Monster Hunter Freedom 2 , and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories . Not surprisingly, Hirai has said they're "big" in Japan. Obviously, this guy likes the little handheld an awful lot, and he says we should expect even more in the way of multimedia functionality. The Go! range of products for Europe announced at the Games Convention 2007 is mentioned, of course, but it seems more is on the way.

Hirai finished up by playing around with both the PS3 and PSP – operating the PS3 remotely with the handheld – and repeats that he's a "big fan of remote play." Yeah, we all are, Kaz. But on to the more important stuff!

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