Update 12: Yeah, this is a waste of time, guys. It's done. Someone asked Kaz if Home is a game. We're done here. Word has it that Square-Enix has Final Fantasy VII listed on a playbill for their theater at their booth. So let's see if that comes about or not.

Update 11: Uhhh…no surprise price-drop like last year's TGS. This sucks.

Update 10: Ummm….I think the keynote just ended. It's Q&A time. Uhhh…this isn't good.

Update 9: Well this sucks, HOME is getting delayed into Spring.

Update 8: GT5 Prologue will hit December 13th on Blu-Ray and PSN.

Update 7: Nine games support rumble, including DMC4 and MGS4 at Tokyo Game Show. Sweet.

Update 6: Japan is Nov 2007, US/Europe are Spring 2008 for DualShock 3's release date.

Update 5: Sony has just unveiled the DualShock 3! The SixAxis brand is no more. DualShock 3 for life! AWESOME!

Update 4: PlayStation 3 is being talked about. Showing off some games, FFXIII is one of them. Oh God how I want to see FFVII already.

Update 3: Still boredom. PSP software or some such.

Update 2: Nothing exciting. Just charts. Sony family sold 250 million units. Yay. GIVE US FFVII!

Update 1: It's underway, guys.

Guys, it's about to start. Stick with me here. We should be seeing some crazy news in a matter of minutes. Also, excuse any spelling mistakes, time is of the essence.

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