The Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake rumor has long since hit full stride, and now it has crescendoed and reached its absolute peak: today could be the day we get the announcement that rocks the gaming world, and Famitsu apparently believes it will happen.

In the latest issue, one statement stands out above all the others. Translated, it says- "A third party game that will save the PlayStation 3 in Japan is to be announced tomorrow." Now, while the PS3 is far behind the Wii in Japan, we're pretty certain it's the Xbox 360 that needs saving over there, but we digress. It seems something huge is on the way at TGS this week, and Square-Enix will be the ones to provide the bombshell. Yesterday, the rumor began to fly that this remake, if it does happen, could be called Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII , which…well, it kinda sounds just about right.

It's also very intriguing to learn that this project – whatever it may be – is fully funded by Sony Computer Entertainment. That could mean any number of things, but if we remember correctly, both The Spirits Within and Advent Children were also SCE productions… There's a lot to think on here, and hopefully, we'll have a real answer for you before long. Cross your fingers!

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