The Tokyo Game Show is almost here, and everyone is expecting some serious fireworks from multiple game publishers. One of those is Capcom, who earlier said we should expect three huge announcements at the event. However, it appears this information isn't entirely accurate.

Yes, Capcom will have some things to tell us at TGS – of course – but according to a recent post by the company's senior director of strategic planning and research, Christian Svensson, at the official Capcom forums, we shouldn't expect to hear all the big news.

"The biggest announcement "at TGS" that I'm aware of was made last week in advance of the event with Capcom's collaboration with Camelot on We Love Golf. If there's something more than that's got someone excited at some unknown (to me at least) Australian website (who originally reported this rumor… which was then rereported by nearly every lazy gaming news outlet/blog on the planet), I'm not sure what it would be (and yes, I know everything being discussed at the show).

Most of our biggest announcements are being held for a Capcom event we'll be holding in a few weeks in London."

Awww… Well, so much for that supposed "inside source" at the Australian website. Perhaps this is just a cover for the leaked information, which would indeed make for a more interesting show, but at least there's still some big news on the way. But we do have one very logical question: why exactly would you choose to wait a mere two weeks for a much smaller venue for your huge announcements? Is there a point to that?

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